Top 5 Best Dog Breeds to Get Along With Cats



It is a general concept that small sized dog breeds would get along well with cats.However it is not completely true.Some large sized dog breeds also get along well with cats.Here we have collected 05 dog breeds that have been seen getting along well with cats more than other dog breeds.


Cavalier King Charles Spaniel:

Top 5 Best Dog Breeds to Get Along With Cats

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a spaniel type toy dog breed.Cavalier King Charles Spaniels have been the most owned dog breed in United Kingdom from many years and their popularity has gained strength in United States in last few years.Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are extremely affectionate dogs and they get along really well with cats.



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Kate Brookes said...

Be warned. Cavalier King Charles Spaniels have an inbuilt urge to chase cats. 2 out of 3 we have owned have been horrendous with cats. They also have large and vulnerable eyes that are particularly vulnerable to cat scratch. Cavaliers may be love machines with humans, but not all of them can be trusted with cats.

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