5 signs your cats loves you



Although every cat has its own personality, all cats have some characteristics that some people find endearing and others find off-putting. It is easy to see how doubts about a cat’s true affections can arise. Here are signs that your cat does indeed love you.



5 signs your cats loves you

Cat licks and kitty kisses are not a common view. But cats do groom one another as well as their humans. So if your cat is grooming you, it means he sees you as part of his family, and is showing his love for you. Such behavior is unusual to kittens, while adult cats rarely bestow their owners with licks. This gesture demonstrates that your furry companion invites you to be his friend.



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erinjay gregersen said...

so sweet!

Amanda Wait said...

According to these 5 signs our kitty loves us VERY much! >^♡^<

Najmul Hasan said...

Thanks Both Of You

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